Our Yearly Adventure


In the fast lane…

(C) Crash ElevenIts been 65 days since I last posted and I have a good reason; I just don’t make the time for myself anymore. If I do, It’s for silly things on the computer or catching up with Madie and cleaning. Life has been going by so fast that I can’t even catch up on sleep or just knowing what day it is! I feel like I’m on a speedway, shooting down a strip to get the fastest time and that feeling of excitement has flown by like the car; Small moment of happiness that goes away far too soon. This second is now the past as the second ahead is the present; time is just not slowing down and I am not sure how to slow down myself just to realize what I am missing. I guess living life is like balancing a checkbook; break everything down you know needs to get paid (or in this case gets done) and know what you have left over. I need to balance my time way more before I realize Madie is off to college and I wondered what just happened. God didn’t intend for us to be so busy in this world, in fact in wanted us to make time for just him. If I can’t even make time for me to sleep, how will I even make time to pray or read the bible? It’s an unfortunate flaw of mine where I do things on the spot and forget the things I know I need to do. It’s time to make changes before I realize it’s way too late to fix them…

Also reading your old posts on just what you planned before is also a good reminder on just what you need to get done 😉

– J

Photo by Crash Eleven Productions

My Baby is…

Two days ago my daughter, Madison, is officially 4 years old and I have a mix set of emotions. Clearly I have the sentimental and sadness type of emotion, knowing my daughter is getting way to big and I wonder where did all that time go? She was born at 6 lbs 1 oz and at 36 weeks and 6 days. The first thing I said when I saw her born was “Where is my baby?” — and I’m not joking. I was so shocked to see such a small child I clearly thought the wrong child came out of me … because that happens a lot right? LOL

Anyways, my daughter did have issues with her stomach but as she got bigger and stronger, she was just the brightest and best part of my life; even when I was going through a tough time with her dad. Now the other type of emotion I have been having is the fun and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for me. Anyone that knows my daughter knows she is a GREAT kid but also know she has a tough side to her. She tends to be bossy and has a major attitude and as of now she tends to really press her luck — but I love her and I even say “you are such a brat but I love you so much” and she just says “I am NOT a brat” — well I can’t ask more than that! This child keeps me on my toes and the Lord gave me a great daughter for many different reasons. I know I haven’t been the perfect parent and I know she will have me still learning a heck of a lot more but I gotta say… I wouldn’t trade this for anything!

– J