Christian and Depressed

How can you be a Christian and still depressed?

That is the misconception about being a Christian. Just because you are one does not mean your problems and pain all go away. In all honesty, I think it gets worse.
Satan loves to tempt us, hurt us, anyway possible because he wants to see us fall far more than those who are not christians. He loves to see us just hurt God with our sins and relishes in it. I don’t know about you but I feel sometimes being a Christian is a lot of pressure. Society has this idea of what a Christian is supposed to be and if we are not even an inch close to that we are put down for it; which makes our depression worse. We feel we are not good enough and why would God love someone who is so messed up?

Here is the reminder: God loves the broken. It wasn’t until I was older on how i finally understood that statement. I am a broken messed up ball of craziness, and God loves every ounce of me.

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Never said it was gonna be easy

I have decided to return to school…

It wasn’t a hasty decision or one that just popped into my head. It was a tiny voice that was in the back of my mind for a while now and after my 33rd birthday, i figured it was now or never.

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A band-aid

It has been forever since I last posted; and a lot has happened. After I lost my job (yes, I was let go) I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I had to hurry and take care of things for the sake of my daughter, but I knew rushing into something was just gonna be a quick fix; A band-aid. Rent was due, Madie’s tuition, Food… they were creeping up on me real fast and I had to do something. Now, I am not saying I am unhappy at this new job of mine (yes, I found a job!) but my income is way less than before and I am finding myself stretching at both ends to the point I am almost transparent. It was at a point where depression and stress really sat in. Life Sucked. There really was no other way to put it; it was just not what I expected my life to be at this point. Continue reading