Master Chef Inspiration

Who watches Master Chef? Actually, the real question is doesn’t watch any Gordon Ramsay show! I am, of course, a huge Ramsay fan and it isn’t because of his wonderful temperament and lack of surprises; I actually watch it because of the people he has on the show. I have watched every season of Hell’s Kitchen and I have watched the last 5 seasons of Master Chef. Some people make fun of me but I like to see who is out there and what kind of food can be created; I tend to get inspired and try my hand on it or try and create my own. Now I could run on about each season and each person I remembered, like or disliked, but I am just gonna stick to the current season and talk about three people in particular, and why.

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I survived Keto

Over the summer I decided to do the Keto diet in order to improve my health. I was told I was infertile due to a condition called Endometriosis and since the doctor told me there was no hope of my husband and I having kids, I decided to take matters in my own hands.

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Fires in the Northwest

Yesterday I discovered something astonishing and I was so surprised that no major news outlet was covering it: Montana was on Fire; and not only Montana, the entire Northwest. All summer I thought we had escaped major fires in the state of Idaho, where I reside, but I knew something was up as our air quality is not the greatest right now and I knew fires had been raging through out Oregon, Washington and California but those were finally contained nearing the end of July; at least that is what I thought.

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