Neon Gravestones

I suffer from depression…

This is a statement that more and more people are now admitting to. 15 years ago, saying you suffered from depression was a stigma; you either got the phrase “just get over it” or “just take some medication and you will be fine” or “go to counseling”. Sometimes it made us feel more depressed or have more anxiety because we felt we shouldn’t be allowed to feel this way and because we do there must be something wrong with us. This is where the next thing comes into play… Suicide.
I have blogged about suicide before and have used Twenty One Pilots music as a way to express certain things, but after the new album came out and i heard Neon Gravestones, I felt i had to express more on just how Suicide is a real issue that i don’t think we fully understand.

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What is the first thought that comes to your head when you hear that word? In many cases, I am sure the word Suicide does not come to mind but it should. Many do not believe they should Stay. They think that this world is cruel and life just isn’t worth it if it causes this much pain. We can tell them over and over why it is important but sometimes words are just not enough. Sometimes people just need an ear, or a shoulder or a hug. Sometimes people just need alone time but know that at any time they can come to you in a time of need. We need to let those who are suffering know that it is OK to Stay

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