Hemp Legalization getting close in Idaho

Did you hear about the truck driver who was delivering 7,000 lbs of Hemp plants from a farm in Oregon to a company in Utah? The headline first came out as “Biggest Bust ISP has ever detained” but in a few hours that title diminished and ISP (Idaho State Police) began to realise they their BIG BUST may have been a BIG MISTAKE. However, due to current Idaho laws, they were able to seize this product even though Hemp is federally legal in the United States.

Let me break down the story…

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CBD for Idaho

I am a christian and I am a republican, and I support legalizing CBD/Medical Marijuana in the state of Idaho. I’ve been very interested in CBD oil and Medical Marijuana for a while now because I was curious on just how much it helps those who really needed it. I grew up in a time that anyone who smoked weed was an addict or as we called it “stoners” and there was no reason to use it unless you were a drug addict. As time passed and I got older, the first time i realized marijuana had medical properties is when I knew someone who used it while she was taking chemotherapy. It helped with her pain and nausea and she was able to deal with all the side effects the chemo put her body through.

The more i studied the plant the more I realized just how misunderstood it actually is. Yes, there are people who abuse the plant and use it for their own personal use, but that is the same for people and alcohol, right? Some abuse it and go to far and in many cases it can lead to a death; either to the person who drinks or to someone else because of a DUI. Sadly, Alcohol is legal and Marijuana is not, and there isn’t any evidence that I have seen that Marijuana has killed anyone. Now, please do not get me wrong, I believe addiction is just like any other mental illness because their brain is wired differently and they need something to help control those urges so in many cases like alcohol and marijuana, it isn’t for all people because they can’t handle it like others; yet again, alcohol is legal and marijuana is not. You don’t even need a lot of marijuana or CBD oil to feel good for the whole day, but you need to drink a lot of alcohol to keep that feeling going. This is where I feel we have a huge issue in not only our state but in the whole country. We are so mixed up that we legalize one bad thing and not legalize something that isn’t as bad.

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Neon Gravestones

I suffer from depression…

This is a statement that more and more people are now admitting to. 15 years ago, saying you suffered from depression was a stigma; you either got the phrase “just get over it” or “just take some medication and you will be fine” or “go to counseling”. Sometimes it made us feel more depressed or have more anxiety because we felt we shouldn’t be allowed to feel this way and because we do there must be something wrong with us. This is where the next thing comes into play… Suicide.
I have blogged about suicide before and have used Twenty One Pilots music as a way to express certain things, but after the new album came out and i heard Neon Gravestones, I felt i had to express more on just how Suicide is a real issue that i don’t think we fully understand.

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