Master Chef Inspiration

Who watches Master Chef? Actually, the real question is doesn’t watch any Gordon Ramsay show! I am, of course, a huge Ramsay fan and it isn’t because of his wonderful temperament and lack of surprises; I actually watch it because of the people he has on the show. I have watched every season of Hell’s Kitchen and I have watched the last 5 seasons of Master Chef. Some people make fun of me but I like to see who is out there and what kind of food can be created; I tend to get inspired and try my hand on it or try and create my own. Now I could run on about each season and each person I remembered, like or disliked, but I am just gonna stick to the current season and talk about three people in particular, and why.

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Hi! I’m A Christian And I Suffered From Depression Too.

I also suffer from depression and she hits the nail on the head. had to share!

A Coffee with Friends

I once believed my faith in God would keep me free from depression and all mental illness. I found out that this is a commonly believed myth.  Depression has no common denominator except that one be human.  No matter what you might think, depression affects all people no matter what race, economic class, religion, gender, age, and nationality.  It is now the leading cause for illness and disability worldwide announced by the WHO this week.

Depression is the No. 1 Cause of Illness and Disability Worldwide

The year was 2014 and I was experiencing the best year of my life.  My family was happy.  My children were healthy and my 18 years of marriage seemed to be better than ever.  I was fulfilling my purpose in life helping the sick and poor in Cambodia as I had for years.  But now I was excited to see incredible results from my…

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The Earnhardt Sequel

I admit, this past year I have been neglecting my love of the Races. I haven’t even visited my local speedway or drag strip in quite some time. Today, however, I got a nice nudge to my forgotten love when I saw on HULU about the life and work of Jeffrey Earnhardt. The first words that came out was “Who is Jeffrey Earnhardt?!” — yes, I am ashamed, I should know as Dale and Jr. were always my favorites on the racing circuit and I still remember the day when Dale Sr. passed away and how horrible I felt for his family and his good friend Michael Waltrip; who just won his first title at the same time his friend was killed. I thought I already knew about the Earnhardts but clearly I was wrong. Continue reading