Behind the Blog

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Hey Guys! I’m Jessi. I am an Idaho Transplant from California! I’ve been here now for over 7 years. I have a wonderful daughter Madison and a great husband, Chris, who are the lights of my life. I own my own photography business: Jessi Renee Photography but currently working odd jobs.

I currently attend The Pursuit Church in Boise, ID; been there since 2010. It’s been a major blessing in my life to be a part of such amazing people. They have helped me through thick and thin and always helped me make sure I do not lose my walk with God.

I do suffer from many medical conditions, but over the years I took control of my life and made drastic changes to overcome my conditions. I have Hydrocephalus, however my condition is stabilized. I also had chronic migraines, rotator cuff tear, herniated discs and a tilted pelvis after a severe car accident in 2003. I started seeing a Chiropractor and a Nutritionist which greatly impacted my life and doing so i reverse the migraines and herniated discs and lost over 80 lbs.

This is me. What I feel, what I do and what I love. Hope you enjoy!

Below is a video I put together of Madie dancing as she was watching Dancing with the Stars. I believe she was only 20 months in this video. Enjoy!