Behind the Blog

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Hey Guys! I’m Jessi. I was born in Monterrey Park, CA and was raised in Moreno Valley, CA. Bounced around from City to City and then State to State before finally residing here in Nampa, ID in 2011. I have one brother, one sister and one step-sister. Three nephews and one niece; also the proud mommy of a great little girl name Madison, who was born in August 29th, 2008. I’m recently divorced and just rediscovering the life that I know God wants me to have.

I currently attend The Pursuit Church in Boise, ID; been there since 2010. It’s been a major blessing in my life to be a part of such amazing people. They have helped me through thick and thin and currently help me make sure I do not lose my walk with God. I love to volunteer with the church. I currently work in the Child’s Ministry and Media as a Photographer, but I do try and do other stuff whenever they need it. I just love it and I hope it teaches my daughter how helping is a great thing and hopefully will help to make her into a better Godly Woman.

My pursuit in life right now is learning to be a newly divorced single mom and a new photographer in the Treasure Valley. I also started my Photography business; Jessi Renee Photography. You can check out more about it here.

I do suffer from many medical conditions. I have Hydrocephalus, chronic migraines, had surgery on the shoulder which caused more damage and my back got worse with herniated discs and a tilted pelvis after I had my daughter. Also have sensitive kidneys after getting kidney stones from a side effect of a migraine medication. I just live day by day…

Below is a video I put together of Madie dancing as she was watching Dancing with the Stars. I believe she was only 20 months in this video. Enjoy!