Such a loss

How do you even begin a post like this? I have done many before about imaginable loss due to suicide, but this loss is hard to put into words.

Luke Perry, better known for his role as Dylan on the hit 90s teen drama 90210, passed away on March 4th, 2019 at the age of 52. It was a shock for everyone, even those who didn’t know him well or even a fan; this was something that was so unexpected that it makes you realized just how vulnerable we actually are as people. Luke suffered a massive stroke on February 27th and was in sedation for that week. Out going support for the actor came in and he was on everyone’s mind in hopes he would pull through. According to a Danish Study, 28% of people pass away from a stroke within the first 28 days of suffering from it; no one thought Luke would pass and so suddenly.


If you type in on facebook or twitter Luke Perry, you will see just how his death impacted so many people, but I wanted to write how it impacted me. I can’t say I was a huge fan of Luke Perry or even the show 90210, but he and the show were part of my childhood and I think that is what i feel impacted me the most is that my childhood was just robbed of someone so sweet and so kind, it just doesn’t seem fair. I remember seeing an interview of Luke where he spoke how he now plays the dad in Riverdale and he just jokely said “That is part of the business. If you get to continue as long as I have, that is what happens and someday I will be playing a grandpa!” and that just made my heart hurt because he didn’t get that chance. His children are still very young to lose their dad so suddenly and I guess that is what we all are just trying to wrap our heads around this on WHY; we will never know why and that is the sucky part.

Have you ever lost someone so suddenly? Write below on how it impacted your life.

– J

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