Bong Appétit

I have expressed in previous posts just how important legalizing Hemp/CBD in the state of Idaho and how legalizing (at least medicinal) marijuana in Idaho would be a great benefit. We have seen in studies that CBD (even THC in small forms) can reduce tumors, help with seizures, bring down symptoms of Parkinson’s, ADHD, ALS, Bipolar, and so many more issues out there. It is now a world wide debate on if (and when) should Marijuana be legal in the US; especially when people are sick of Big Pharma and are tired of the side effects it can cause.


Bring on Bong Appétit! This is my new binge watch currently and I can’t tell you fascinating it is. Basically, a dude (Abdullah Saeed) has different chefs come in and make amazing different types of food and they incorporate marijuana/hemp into the food, and then they throw a dinner party and share the food with different artists, celebrities and activists. He has a cannabis expert and a food expert (who love to smoke, of course) to help him with these parties. They have all different types of CBD/THC in all different form like oil, buds, crystals or terpenes. It really just shows how far we have come in our society when you can add THC honey in a cookie or CBD salt on your eggs; way different than the typical pipe and flowers people use to do back in the day (yes, they still do it but boy has it grown!)

One particular episode (S1Ep3) I wanted to mention was one with a girl who suffered from ALS. She was diagnosed 2 years prior to this episode being taped and if anyone who knows about ALS, she should have been dead by now. The disease spreads so fast that within 2 years, your body can not function and you essentially pass away. This girl was still talking, walking and able to do things like everyone else just because she smoked weed. It was fascinating to me to see someone do so well with a plant that is illegal in most states. It just shows how uneducated a lot of us are on the plant and how we need to experience it more in order to help those who need it. That is really my goal, let the weed be legal so it can help those who are suffering; period.

Here is a video to show a woman who has used cannabis to help with her ALS. Even though I do not believe cannabis can cure her ALS, he can definitely slow down the progress to a point where she can have a long life, like she has.

Have any of you watched the show? do you like it? why are you for or against legalizing marijuana? Write your thoughts below!

– J

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