Hemp Legalization getting close in Idaho

Did you hear about the truck driver who was delivering 7,000 lbs of Hemp plants from a farm in Oregon to a company in Utah? The headline first came out as “Biggest Bust ISP has ever detained” but in a few hours that title diminished and ISP (Idaho State Police) began to realise they their BIG BUST may have been a BIG MISTAKE. However, due to current Idaho laws, they were able to seize this product even though Hemp is federally legal in the United States.

Let me break down the story…

Driver picks up shipment in Oregaon and takes a route through Idaho to deliver the shipment to Utah. He stops at a weigh station and shows paperwork that he is delivering Hemp Plants. ISP decided to make sure they were Hemp and not Marijuana and did a quick test. The test showed positive for THC and ISP immediately seized the shipment and arrested the driver for drug trafficking, which can lead up to a life sentence due to the amount he was carrying. Here is where ISP, or in this case Idaho, drops the ball. Hemp and Marijuana plants are different as Hemp carries way less THC then it’s cousin, the Marijuana. Hemp has .3% THC and Marijuana has between 15-20% THC which is the psychoactive ingredient that gets you high. When ISP tested the plant, it of course tested positive as Hemp has a small amount of THC and they assumed it was Marijuana. The Hemp Plant had not gone through processing yet in order to take out all of the THC and I do not believe ISP realized that and because Idaho law is so strict, they had every right, in their mind, to seize it. Now they are being sued by the company for illegal seizure of product and unlawful arrest of the driver. ISP did send a sample of the hemp to be tested to show just how much THC it has and if it shows it is .3% or less, they will have to return product because our Federal Law shows that Hemp is legal. Again, this is where it gets tricky…


Federal law should trump state law at any time, however, Idaho sees it that they do not have to follow the law because they believe that hemp and/or marijuana can bring criminal harm to its citizens (hopefully, I got that documented correctly as I read this a while ago in an article by KTVB). Now we wait for those results and the drivers day in court is postpone until everything is sorted out. Due to this whole mess, now lawmakers are trying to see if Hemp should be legal in Idaho so then farmers can then grow the product and we can benefit from it, instead of getting it from out-of-state. States like Oregon and Colorado are benefiting from companies that are based here in Idaho when Idaho can be benefiting from their own local companies. Here is an interview from a local who manifactures CBD oil products here in Idaho: Nampa Woman shares the lengths she goes to make her products

I have posted before on the great benefits of CBD or medicinal marijuana. It can help so many with physical and mental disabilities and give them a life they can not fully live, even on medication. So what do you think? Should Idaho legalize Hemp? Medical Marijuana? Recreational Marijuana? Comment below…

– J


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