My cat has Diabetes

Obi-Wan Katobi. 12 years & 10 months old. Black Cat.


All people will say their cat is special to them, but my cat is VERY special to me. I got him when I was 20 years old, after a very bad break up and I adopted him to help me through the pain and grief; He was the “Break-up Kitty”. Over the years he became much more. He has endured marriages, divorce, kids, homelessness, 6 moves in 3 years in 3 states, other animals, extended family, multiple jobs, Etc; He has never left my side no matter what my life through at me. Everything had been great with him up until this last year…

Obi had gained a lot of weight over the last few years and got to a massive 20 lbs. I was worried and even though they could not find a cause for it, it never showed it slowed him down. He ate normal, everything functioned normal and he played like if he was a healthy 3 year old. Then this past July i noticed he started to lose his weight. I was excited and I assumed he may have been slightly depressed because my mom moved and took her cat, who he had been with pretty much his whole life, but again, his function, eating and activity did not change so I just assumed he is just losing weight and will be fine. Come around November is when we really started to worry; he wasn’t able to to use his back legs as well as he use to. Even jumping up onto a chair was hard and he would fall because he didn’t have the strength to lift himself up. Over the course of a couple more weeks we decided to take him in and make sure he was okay. His weight was a whopping 12 lbs, he could barely walk on his legs that his front legs were now taking on to much pressure, and the vet feared he could have diabetes. I felt this was probably wrong as he never had any major issues before and it was probably just inflammatory, which the Vet said could happen because of his age. He did a complete work-up and said he would call me the next day.

I was nervous! I kept checking my phone every 5 minutes to make sure I didn’t miss the Vet’s call. That certainty that it was just inflammatory started to melt away and the anxiety it could be worse kicked into over-drive; I just wanted to know if my Cat was going to be okay. Then, the call came…


Top Photo: November 2006. Bottom Photo: January 2019

I honestly do not remember the conversation except: “I am sorry to say this but it does look like as I expected, he has diabetes.”

I held my emotions in well and ended the call like I understood and was cool as a cucumber. The moment I walked out, greeted by my family, I picked up Obi and just began to cry. I knew this was going to be a long road and it was a road that just came at the worse time in our lives. I had to remind myself just how much Obi has gone through with me and I wasn’t going to let him down.

So the chapter of how our lives were was now over and the new chapter began after I visited the vet. New morning routine of feedings 3 times a day with wet food only, insulin shot every morning for the next 200-400 days, making sure his blood sugar is not low and that he gaining strength back in his legs; I have endured sleepless nights and rough mornings, but again it is all worth it. Why? because he is my buddy, my baby, the best black kitty I have ever had (and the only). I adopted him and that meant I would take care of him up until his last breathe. Adopting pets isn’t just cuddles, love and fun, it takes honest to goodness commitment.

I want to know if you have an animal you have or have loved? What was the best thing about them? comment below!

– J


2 thoughts on “My cat has Diabetes

  1. Hot Mess Goes to Oz says:

    My Daisy girl got diagnosed with diabetes at 9 years. She is a Cavalier King Charles – so I already knew her being a purebred would cause more health issues. I just never thought diabetes was one of them?? I had to give her an insulin shot once in the morning and once at night to balance her sugar. She lived 4 years after the diagnosis and just died on the first of January. I get you, she was my baby and I would have done anything to keep her alive and happy. She never even noticed the shots after a while, she just knew she would get a treat hahha 🙂
    New start for you but it is not the end ❤

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    • Jessi says:

      I will find out soon if the one a day shot is enough, if not I know I have to do the twice a day, still trying to figure it out. Thank you for this. I know I am not alone when it comes to our pets and their health issues and I am sorry she passed 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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