Another loss…

Just recently I saw on my Facebook feed about another suicide; not anyone well known, but someone who does a job that so many do across the country. Her name was Jessica Starr and she was the meteorologist for Fox 2 News in Detroit, Michigan. She was 35 years old.

Clearly, this was a shock to her family, friends and colleagues. Here is a woman who seems to have it all and she just decided to kill herself? Was she secretly suffering and no one saw it? That is usually the case because they are so good at hiding behind a mask and putting up such a facade that no one around them realizes just how much they are hurting. There was one thing i heard that could have contributed into her decision to end her life; she under went eye surgery and was suffering from complications. So, under her deep dark despair she was already suffering from, on top of that, THIS happens. That may have been the last straw and she just couldn’t take the pain anymore. She left behind a wonderful husband and two small children and many commenters that i saw called her selfish. Let me explain that people who commit suicide are NOT selfish, they are suffering, big difference! For a moment she felt they were better off without her, not meaning to cause them pain, she literally thought her family was better off and that is the misconception on suicide and depression; we do not want to lose them. Period.

Now, the whole reason for my post really circles around what her colleagues did on the air after they found out. They were open, honest and raw. They asked questions that seem weird or odd, but in reality, That is exactly how people feel after they lose someone. They were anger, they were sad, they had questions, guilt–the list goes on and I found that very brave and courageous. They spoke how others feel after losing someone to suicide and they did it perfectly. There is no right or wrong question or answer, it is something they will learn to live with for the rest of their lives and most likely it will be an empty feeling because they feel they never got closure. There is no closure to suicide, because they will never know the answers. Even if Jessica were to survive her suicide, she wouldn’t even be able to tell them just why she did it. It is a split second decision after just a few moments of agony. It is painful for all and a forever prison of brokenness for those left behind.

Watch the video (link below) and tell me your thoughts. I want to hear from others on what they think about how they expressed themselves. We gotta open this conversation and every person that we lose to suicide must never be forgotten and hopefully we can use their loss to help someone else live.


Navigating Grief after a loved one’s suicide Article (Watch Video There)

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