American War Hero

Son… Husband… Father… Solider… Prisoner of War… Senator… HERO

John Sidney McCain III has passed away today at the age of 81.


Just yesterday, it was announced that he would stop all treatment for his cancer and let him pass away in peace. We all knew that at any moment he could pass, but we sent out love and thoughts to the family as each minute ticked closer to his life slipping away. Then around 24 hours later, he died.

John wasn’t just a husband, father or senator; he had one of the most rare titles in this world, and a title only a few have: American War Hero. As many of us know, John was a POW, a Prisoner of War, back in the Vietnam War. For 5 1/2 years he was held captive there, enduring whatever treatment they had given him. He stayed strong, like all the other POWs that were there, and maintain the strength to survive. After that, he became a Senator, and has been for the last 30 years.

I feel John was one of the very last few honest good men in our government. In recent years, we have seen nothing but division in our country and we never knew who to believe or what to think; but anytime John spoke, EVERYONE would listen. I see Republicans and Democrats alike, mourning his loss and sending out kind words to his family. Today, is the only day we will see the government actually stand together and agree that Senator John McCain was a good, hard-working individual and always tried to maintain respect to anyone, even if he never received it back. That’s a good man right there; Someone who gives but never expects anything in return.

Now, I will keep this short as you don’t need me babbling about a man you already know but in my honest opinion, McCain’s loss is going to be felt for a very long time and I am saddened over what a wonderful man we lost today. I voted for him against Obama and i truly would have loved to have him as a president. I am sorry we did not get that chance, but at least i know he is in a better place, free from pain, and smiling down on his family.

God bless the McCain family and I send them prayers during this difficult time.

– J

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