Master Chef Inspiration

Who watches Master Chef? Actually, the real question is doesn’t watch any Gordon Ramsay show! I am, of course, a huge Ramsay fan and it isn’t because of his wonderful temperament and lack of surprises; I actually watch it because of the people he has on the show. I have watched every season of Hell’s Kitchen and I have watched the last 5 seasons of Master Chef. Some people make fun of me but I like to see who is out there and what kind of food can be created; I tend to get inspired and try my hand on it or try and create my own. Now I could run on about each season and each person I remembered, like or disliked, but I am just gonna stick to the current season and talk about three people in particular, and why.

Gabriel Lewis

I have worked with a lot of teenagers in my life but never have I seen a kid that has a sense of modesty and humbleness like I saw in Gabriel. This kid walked in and cooked like his life depended on it (in some cases it did) and he nailed it every single time. I was cheering for him since the beginning because of his story. A 19 year old who didn’t pursue school because he wanted to help out his parents who were not in the best of health; He took the first job that helped paid the bills and put his dreams aside. Not only did he make the best Tacos during the auditions but it was good enough for Aarón Sanchez to tell him…

“It gives me hope to know that what I do for a living is being passed on to the next generation like you”

Talk about words of encouragement and I think Gabriel took those words to heart and took it with him in the competition. Of course, nearing the end of the season, Gabriel couldn’t quite master a pasta and it ultimately sent him home. What made his elimination so heartbreaking was the gasps from the other competitors when his named was called. Yachecia, who was also on the bottom 2, was so shocked at the elimination that I wouldn’t have been surprised if she asked to go instead of him. Tears fell, jaws dropped, it was not an elimination people wanted; not so soon anyways. Here was the kicker though, the big surprise, because Gordon and Aarón both knew they had to eliminate him because of the rules of the game but they didn’t want to see this kid go to waste by returning to his fast food job. Gordon offered to give him a full ride at culinary school and take care of his parents, while Aarón offered him a position at one of his restaurants the moment he graduated. He may not have returned home with a shiny trophy and $100,000 but he definitely won in my eyes. This kid is gonna go far and I would not be surprised if I don’t see him judging his own competition (or being a judge for Gordon) in years to come. Congrats Gabriel!

Yachecia Holston

Yachecia was one of my favorites since the audition as there was a lot of Praise Jesus! and Thank You Lord! thrown around. Since I am a christian, I was in love with the type of faith she had and how she always praised him during the good and bad times on the show. Sadly, I noticed her performance was not up to par and she was beginning to decline. As others were getting stronger, she was starting to lose that momentum and I knew that at some point she was going to get eliminated. She did last longer than most and made it to the Top 6 which is a huge accomplishment. Even though I saw rough times with Yachecia, she made sure she cooked her heart out when it counted and was saved multiple times; sometimes cutting it a bit to close.

Let’s go back to her faith for a second. She is a minister in Detroit and preaches the word of God with such passion, conviction and honesty. The way she praised God always brought a smile on my face and in some cases a chuckle as it came in the most funniest moments, but it also showed she knew that it was all in God’s hands so if she did get eliminated she knew it was her time. That was a great testament of faith she showed on the competition and I feel it was a good reminder that even if things do not go your way, God has a way and his way is better than anything we thought was good for us. Good job, Yachecia!

Cate Meade

Now Cate was not one of my favorites since the auditions. Not that she was a bad cook or had a bad attitude, it was because the girl she was going up against was a girl i remembered from last year and so that made me root for her instead. Over time though I noticed pretty quickly on how good Cate was and why she was there. Great personality, did not judge nor did she have a bad attitude; she was a good ol’ wholesome girl who loved her food, loved her family and loved every moment she was on the show. I also liked that she was a nutritionist. Since I have changed the way I eat over the years and recently learned a lot of good foods because of the Keto Diet, I began to root for her and hoped she would go far, which she did make it to the Top 4 but sadly eliminated herself during the 3 round elimination.

It was sad to see her go but it would have been sad to see any of the 4 go as they were all very strong and amazing cooks who excelled during the competition; I could see any of the Top 4 win Master Chef easily but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Cate left with her head held high and great memories; also a good step in the right direction to help her job as a nutritionist continue and show people that you can eat right and make it taste real good. I can’t wait to see just what Cate has in store for the future! You made us all proud, Cate!

My emotions run wild on this show and as much as I hate it sometimes, I also can’t help it. Gordon really shows the truth when it comes to different personalities and cooking but there is one thing he always seem to highlight either it is on Hell’s Kitchen or Master Chef: these people love to cook and cook dang well!

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