I survived Keto

Over the summer I decided to do the Keto diet in order to improve my health. I was told I was infertile due to a condition called Endometriosis and since the doctor told me there was no hope of my husband and I having kids, I decided to take matters in my own hands.

I see a chiropractor every week to help with circulation and the pain I endure everyday. He told me to do Keto and to start taking certain supplements in hopes to reverse or stop the Endometriosis in its tracks. I was 208 lbs, felt lousy and I knew I needed a change so I agreed and began the process. The first week was horrible as I endured the Keto-Flu which means it is your body going through the withdrawn of the carbs and sugars it is use to eating. I wasn’t in pain nor did I have an actual flu, but my body was drained and I just didn’t want to do anything but lay down. After my week ended, I started to have more energy and I wasn’t hungry all the time. I began documenting my eating habits and every week I would check my weight and inches. I was told to only do the Keto for 90 days just to restart my metabolism and keep my insulin level low. Once my 90 days was up, I had lost 39 lbs and 7 inches; It was a tough 90 days but was all worth it. I have way more energy, I sleep better and my pain level isn’t as severe. Of course, now that I am off the diet, I wanted to make sure I introduced the carbs of potatoes, rice, beans and bread slowly. I decided to stay away from bread as much as possible but I did have red potatoes only which isn’t as bad for your body as Russets are. I was full and felt horrible after eating them, and I didn’t even eat a lot. My body has definitely changed and I gotta respect that before I go back to something that made me feel horrible in the first place. Keto changed my life and I am certainly thankful.

Now, many have done the Keto and many have done it in ways that I think are not the way to go. Reason I say this is because one of the main reasons of the Keto is to stick to good fats, protein and little to no carbs. Our body does need carbs, but It only needs a little bit. The diet only allows 5-10% which is enough for the body to function properly. Many see that percentage and assume they can eat a potato, bread, rice or beans but in reality the veggies and fruit we are allowed to eat already have carbs in it and so we already process that 5-10%; so when I see someone say they can eat a slice a bread a day, they are actually increasing it pass 10% and not even realize it.

DBxUGnRUwAA55H8Once I cut out the negative carbs all together, I studied hard on the veggies and fruit I could eat without ruining the diet. Fruit was easy, Berries only, nothing else. I did occasionally have green apples and tomatoes; however tomatoes cooked will increase its sugar content so I rarely used tomatoes but I did eat green apples in the morning from time to time just so I didn’t get sick of the berries so easily.

Veggies was a lot harder to navigate as there were so many positives and negatives to every vegetable. I knew if I cut out anything that grew from the ground that will help the process, but there were others I needed to be careful I didn’t have just because I wasn’t sure. I stuck to a few basics and switched it up from time to time so than I was able to not get confused or forget what I could or could not have. The veggies i ate were:

  • Onion
  • Spinach
  • Peppers (on occasion)
  • Zucchini
  • Asparagus

I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but I was able to make wonderful dishes with different flavors each time so It was easy for me. Also, I ate eggs and avocado every single day. Again, I mixed it up so I didn’t get sick of it so easily but It was something I had to do as it was the best fats and protein your body can have; I added Turkey Bacon from time to time so that also helped out a lot too.

So what did I learn from all of this? I learned that foods that people tend to shy away from can be flavorful and amazing dishes. I also became more adventurous and was able to try new things that I didn’t think worked well together. I was able to make a cast iron Parmesan chicken that tasted just like the carb filled dish that we grew up with and It was perfect for my body; it was perfect for my health! I learned a lot during this diet and I feel I will be able to continue making these good dishes from years to come; even if I add a potato here and there.

Don’t be afraid to try this diet. Don’t be afraid to change. Your body will thank you and you will feel great after you are done! And don’t worry, I also had coffee every single day as long as it was heavy cream only; you can make it work!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment! Good luck!

PS. Water is SUPER IMPORTANT! Make sure you are drinking more than 80 oz a day. Water helps break down fats in your body which makes it easier to lose weight.

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