Fires in the Northwest

Yesterday I discovered something astonishing and I was so surprised that no major news outlet was covering it: Montana was on Fire; and not only Montana, the entire Northwest. All summer I thought we had escaped major fires in the state of Idaho, where I reside, but I knew something was up as our air quality is not the greatest right now and I knew fires had been raging through out Oregon, Washington and California but those were finally contained nearing the end of July; at least that is what I thought.

When a fire broke out in the City of Los Angeles, the media coverage blew it up huge as it was the biggest fire to have hit the city at over 6,000 acres burning. As i began to read the comments on facebook, one woman caught my attention as she asked:

“Why is there no coverage on all the fires in Montana? Our state has burned over 600,000 acres and we have 35 fires burning right now but yet our state of Montana doesn’t make the world news! Sad because so many families and people in Montana have lost so much and could use help. Prayers for all these firefighters and all these families who have had to evacuate”

I was shocked when I read this. 600,000? That is 100,000 times greater than the fire in Los Angeles, and as much as the fire in LA is dangerous, she is right; where is the news coverage? So i began to dig a little deeper and found out just how severe this is.


Above: Wildfires in Montana and Idaho September 3, 2017. The map shows heat detected by a satellite during the 24-hour period ending at 10 p.m. MDT September 3, 2017.

According to the blog, dozens of wildfires through out Montana and Northern Idaho have been raging over the last week; and Montana has been on fire for over the last month!

On, they have a map of past and current fires that have spread over the course of the year and currently in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, we have had 932 fires with 33 that just broke out recently.

Montana’s news channel KRTV posted that 40 out of 56 counties in the state of Montana is burning, declaring a state of emergency back in July. Yes, I said July and yet we heard nothing about this.

One woman tweeted:

Now I know Hurricane Harvey took over the media once it struck Texas out of nowhere but these fires in Montana and through out the Northwest have been burning for over a month now; actually all summer! Why was there no coverage?

I thought maybe it is because fires do happen consistently all over the U.S. every year, but when one state is practically burning to the ground and the over 1 million people that reside there are either stranded, losing everything or not being able to breath because of the thick dense smoke, something should have been said. I feel like news outlets like CNN, Fox or even local broadcasts in some areas have lost focus on what news is all about. They tend to focus on only one subject and they forget on what is really going on around us. They definitely have lost what is means to be a journalist; In my personal opinion.

The people of Montana need to be heard. Northwest needs to be heard. People are suffering and they need aide just as much as the people in Texas or Los Angeles. We shouldn’t pick and choose what is more important, what we need to do is spread the love and support everywhere it is needed.

  • Prayers for Texas and Louisiana.
  • Prayers for Los Angeles.
  • Prayers for everyone effected by the fires in the Northwest.
  • Prayers that the Path of Hurricane Irma does not hit the East Coast.
Disclaimer: I am no news journalist; I found my information via the internet and I am uncertain of the accuracy of the information I have provided. I am just a third party trying to spread the severity of these wildfires. Thank You

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