Horrible Harvey

I wasn’t sure if I was going to write anything about this because I am sure I am not alone in how I feel and I am sure many have already expressed their feelings over the situation, but than I thought of the people I know in Texas and I just had to say something even if it is repetitious.

Facebook has been hard to see when the Hurricane known as Harvey started to strike through the heart of Texas. Pictures from my friends and reports from the news was showing just how devastating it was and how worried I really started to become. That is funny isn’t it? We hear about natural disaster every year through out the United States but when it is in an area where you actually know some of the people there, it becomes more real. One friend just so happened to be vacationing in Florida when the hurricane hit and she has no idea in what condition her home truly is. She is angry and feels sick just thinking of the aftermath she will have to endure when she returns but knows how lucky she truly is at the same time. Another family i know just moved there almost two years ago and one is not in the best of health and now she can’t even live in her home due to the mold that has grown through out and she has to find another place to live. When I was visiting one of my clients, she was glued to the TV as the hurricane was going through and I asked her “do you know people there?” and she said with such a heavy heart “I am from there”. Her entire family and everything she knew and loved about the state was disappearing before her eyes.

I truly and wholeheartedly mean this when I say that my heart and prayers are with everyone in Texas. So many are suffering right now with either the loss of a loved one or a loss of their home or even both, but It is a time to reflect and know just truly lucky we are to not be in their shoes and how we need to step up and help those in need. I am seeing many individuals whether they are a celebrity or Joe Blo donating money and helping those people right now. If you want to help but unsure where to go, I have a few links below where you can donate or information if you want to actually go down there and help personally.

Natural Disaster is something we can not avoid but at least we can step up and help those who need it when it does happen. God Bless Texas!

Where to Donate Money:

Donate Blood: South Texas Blood

Donate Food and Clothes:

Help with Clean Up:

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