The Earnhardt Sequel

I admit, this past year I have been neglecting my love of the Races. I haven’t even visited my local speedway or drag strip in quite some time. Today, however, I got a nice nudge to my forgotten love when I saw on HULU about the life and work of Jeffrey Earnhardt. The first words that came out was “Who is Jeffrey Earnhardt?!” — yes, I am ashamed, I should know as Dale and Jr. were always my favorites on the racing circuit and I still remember the day when Dale Sr. passed away and how horrible I felt for his family and his good friend Michael Waltrip; who just won his first title at the same time his friend was killed. I thought I already knew about the Earnhardts but clearly I was wrong.


I binge watched The Driver With Jeffrey Earnhardt and got to know this man who wants to keep his family legacy alive. I was hooked! I immediately fell in love with this guy because I felt like I saw a bit of his grandfather in him and that got me excited. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jr. and will always be a fan, but Jr. was always his own personality and at times I could see his father in him but because he did the race with his father at times, I was able to see them at two different individuals. Jeffrey, however, I see his Dale’s spirit in him. Yes, he has his own personality too but I can tell Dale is with him on this new journey of his.

At least I can say now I know who to look out for when I finally go back and watch the races. Next year, I will make up for lost time and get to know this Earnhardt who has already earned my respect.

Good luck Jeffrey!

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