At rest…


Jumanji. Hook. Dead Poets Society. Popeye. Good Will Hunting. Aladdin. What Dreams May Come.

What do these movies have in common? A great story? Sure. A happy ending? Of course. But these movies weren’t only amazing because of their screenplays. All had one amazing common denominator: Robin Williams.

As I still try to grasp around the details of Williams’ demise and accept the fact I will never see him on my screen in the near future; I do however have a smile on my face when I think of all the movies I grew up with. My childhood was awesome because Robin Williams was in it. I got to see my imagination come to life with his performances and for that Robin, I thank you. I thank you for the laughs. I thank you for the tears. I thank you for your generous heart. You were the epitome of a gentle soul; an amazing human being. I just wish you knew that yourself. I’m sad to know you felt alone. I’m sad you felt the world didn’t need you. Truth is Robin, we all needed you. We never stopped. I have suffered depression in my life and I can tell you, curling up to a good Robin Williams movie did the trick most of the time. Sometimes the only reason I saw a movie was because Robin Williams was in. Did you know he was on SVU? I saw it. And I don’t even watch the show on a regular basis.

Point I’m trying to make is; I’m sad. As a fan, I am grieving. I am not sure I have ever grieved harder for a celebrity before and I hope Robin knows just how much his family, friends and fans loved him. He was truly one of a kind and irreplaceable. The world has a slight void and it’s because he is no longer here.

“A whole human life is just a heartbeat here in Heaven. Then we’ll all be together forever.”What Dreams May Come

– J

PS. If you or someone you know suffers from depression, please do NOT hesitate to call. I believe if one life is saved, it honors Robin’s memory. Thank you.

Suicide Hotline

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