It wasn’t easy

Work It OutMany have been asking me just what I did to lose so much weight in such a short amount of time. I thought maybe if I broke everything down to the small changes I made that helped me lose the weight, it may help others either lose weight or even just have the strength to start.

It wasn’t easy. I gained 63 lbs from my pregnancy with Madie and It took me 3 years just to lose 30 lbs. It was very discouraging that it took me that long and I was just tired of…

  1. Always being in pain
  2. Being over weight
  3. Never having energy; especially with an active 3 year old!

My doctor told me that my health was not good and that if I didn’t take care of my body now, I would have massive complications and I wouldn’t be able to walk on my own after age 40; I was a mess! That is when I took charge.

Thanks to certain church friends, they recommended a chiropractor in Boise. Usually you wouldn’t think Chiropractor when you want to lose weight but since my body was so out of whack, i thought it wouldn’t hurt to check him out and maybe help with the pain so i can try and exercise and then lose weight. Apparently this Chiropractor wasn’t just a doctor for the spine; he was also a nutritionist. He explained to me that what you are is what you eat. Everything you put in your body is what will make your body either have energy or lose it. He slowly worked with my mom and I and we listened to just the few little things that we knew we could change and see what happens. It made a big difference!

Here is the break down on what we did that helped me lose an additional 50 lbs.

  1. We stopped using any oils except Grape-seed and Coconut for cooking. Olive Oil is good for baking and salads only!
  2. We cut off dairy because Milk (no matter if its Whole or Non-Fat) has a lot of sugar and sugar turns into fat. We now drink either Coconut or Almond Milk.
  3. No more Quickie Dinners! Everything we make is fresh. Nothing from a Box. Process is not allowed.
  4. Breads? Not so much! But Dave’s Killer Bread is the best you can have with better ingredients.
  5. Eggs? Straight from the chicken. I mean It lays it and I pick it up and eat it. No hormones. No Grain fed.
  6. Grass fed beef only! Whatever the cow eats we eat and so we must eat anything that eats green!
  7. Garlic, Ginger Root and Avocado will be your best friend. You can get these at the produce section and eating it rare can help with sickness, inflammation and has better vitamins and protein than the normal speculation.
  8. Stick to Green Fruits! I know we love Yellow Bananas and Red Apples but they carry way more sugar (even if its natural) and again, sugar turns to fat. Eat Green Bananas and Apples.
  9. Red potatoes instead of Russet. SORRY IDAHO!
  10. Lay off the berries because too much sugar turns… well you get the picture. Just don’t eat too much of it!
  11. Soda addict? I switched to Zevia. Ginger Root Beer and Dr. Zevia are my faves. It has Stevia sugar and natural ingredients. Over time, your body will get use to Zevia instead of normal sodas and a 6 pack can last you a whole month or longer cause you are not craving it. NEVER HAVE DIET!
  12. Supplements and Essential Oils over anything over the counter! I take Raw D-3 (5,000 UI) and Wobenzym (natural anti-inflammatory) which has helped me get off 3 medications. I use Spark Natural oils to help with colds, flues, headaches, anxiety, allergies and more. Taking something non-synthetic will help your body in the long run because your body isn’t being ruined by ingredients that are in over the counter (or Pharmacy) medicine.
  13. WATER! WATER! WATER! People do not understand just how important water is. It not only re-hydrates your body but it also breaks down the fat. This is why I lost so much during the summer; I was drinking 12 glasses a day and working and so the fat just faded away! 8-12 Glasses (4-6 bottles) a day is the least you should drink. Plus it flushes away the toxins when you are sick and when you get adjusted!

I could keep going on and on but this pretty much is the basis of the the changes we made. We are still making more changes everyday but because of these changes, I lost more weight in less time and my body is not as bad as it was. I can walk without hurting. I can exercise without fearing of falling or hurting. I can keep up with Madie and work a full time shift with no problem. Am I perfect? No, but I have made changes to help live my life for the better.

I have officially been seeing the Chiropractor once a week for 2 years now and my spine is so much more straighter than it has ever been. I have lost a total of 81 lbs and haven’t had a migraine in almost a year. I want to lose at most, 19 more lbs. It’s gonna be a challenge still but after seeing these results, I can’t wait to see what else I can do. I joined a gym to help build muscle tone and I plan on doing the Dirty Dash this year! I can’t wait!

So friends, this is it. THIS is how I did it. Everyone is different and I feel everyone needs to tweak certain things to help their body to have the same result as I did but I can tell you, its well worth it! I do still sneak  a “cheat” food here and there but not everyday; barely once a week! (but I still stay away from Fast Food!) You can’t shock your body into taking away everyone at once because you will not see the progress you want and you will be willing to quit sooner than you would like. Slowly take things away, make the transition easy. It will take time but its oh so worth it!

– J

3 thoughts on “It wasn’t easy

    • Jessi says:

      yes! I do 10 lb weights with the arm curls and 5 lb weights with the others cause of my damaged rotator cuff. Also use a 35 lb weight to tighten my back and side muscles. It hurts! lol


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