Pizza or God?

© Jessi Renee PhotographyLet’s take a quick poll! Who has eaten a piece of Pizza? and who has only eaten ONE piece their whole entire life? I am gonna assume that everyone reading this has eaten a piece of pizza and has eaten more than one. Where am I going with this exactly? I stole this little idea from the message today at church. You eat something you like and you crave more of it, so why don’t we do that with God’s word?

Yes, this will get heavy…

He said something today that got to me. When we leave a message from church we say “I was fed” or “It didn’t fill me up” — referencing as being filled with God’s word or not fulfilled, just like when we eat food. Why should we expect to be fed or filled up once a week when we need to eat food everyday? This was the whole point of the message; we must communicate with God daily.

Why don’t we though? It’s hard enough sometimes to remember to make important phone calls or do the laundry with my hectic schedule, but yet I manage to take the time and do it; why is it so easy to just push God off to the sidelines? I guess we can think of multiple different answers, but we can’t keep blaming the sin of the world for our life problems. We have free will for a reason and yes it is not easy to have free will but we do have the freedom to make our own choices.

Here is my challenge and hopefully for you as well… It’s time to put away the games, the media, the distractions and focus on the bible. They gave us a card today to do a scripture and then really reflect on it. I recently experienced this week emotion and stress and what I found at work faded in a blackboard was…

Jeremiah 29:11— “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

That is the scripture I am gonna start with. Will it be tomorrow? I can’t make any promises but when I am tempted to know “Who tweeted me this morning?” I need to shift my mind to “What does God have to say to me today?”. I need to remember he is first, not last. The 3 questions I will use to reflect on the scripture will be:

  1. Underline any important words that help you understand this passage and try to give them quick definitions.
  2. What is this passage saying about God?
  3. What would it look like for you to live out the truth of this passage?

Everything starts off as an experiment, if this doesn’t help me remember to focus more on God and not let life get in the way than I need to find a plan B but its a start and I know we all have to start somewhere.

– J

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