Migraines, Messes and MAGIC

Its been one crazy couple of months. I’ve been under so much stress that It took a toll on my health. I was literally suffering from Migraines for a whole month. One migraine lasted 46 hours straight; it was insane. I missed two days of work, I didn’t get to see Madie and my body was just exhausted and done for. It’s safe to say that my migraines have been under control now for almost two weeks, even though I can’t say what triggered the migraines or how to prevent them (besides the stress) … it’s a mystery and I hate it. Being sick just sucks. I know I am way luckier than a lot of people in this world and I count my blessings but when I do fall ill and things go out of control because I can’t work or can’t take care of my daughter; I tend to lose my mind and just get extremely frustrated. If only I can just do stuff without having to worry about getting sick. If only I could be a normal 27-year-old who doesn’t have to hurt 24/7 or be sick. And this is where the messes come in…

Because I was so sick, everything fell on my mom; which many of you know is NOT the healthiest person in the world. We couldn’t make dinners, nor clean up the house like we use too and it just got way out of hand. Also, I am allergic to dust so the accumulation of dust did not help my head nor my health (nor my mom’s) and we were stuck in limbo! I couldn’t believe just how much strength was being drained from us because we tried to clean even though we felt like crap but it was so much we couldn’t even finish. Now? things are improving… but still got a lot of stuff and things to work on. At least the migraines are not everyday anymore!

Now where does Magic come into all of this? Well the last few months (even before I got sick) my family and I have been on a Once Upon a Time kick. We play the DVD, watch online… I make videos… we are addicted. It’s SUCH a good show and it was the only thing keeping us sane during all of the crap we were going through. It’s nice to enjoy something as a family. Three generations watch this show and we have literal dinner conversations about what we think about it. Some may think this is sad because it’s a show, but its something we enjoy together and doesn’t that matter the most?

Like I said before, Migraines have subsided, we are slowly bringing our house back to normal and Once Upon a Time is still the number 1 topic in our house. Things are going well but it took a long time to get this far and we still have a little ways to go before everything is back to normal… so please wish us luck and keep us in your prayers!


My video of Season 1 of OUAT

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