Today is the Day

My Commitment DateToday is the official day I end my year commitment of Love, Sex and Dating. Can you believe its been a year already? Even though I haven’t blogged much lately, I am sure you do remember the few posts I did about my struggles and triumpts during this time. It was a time I learned more about myself, a time I learned more about God and a time I learned more in what I should look for in my future.

Now I’m not gonna jump right into the dating game nor am I gonna go hunt for anyone; that would be the total opposite what Andy Stanley meant during his message of Love, Sex and Dating. We must take our time. We must be patient. We must TRUST in our Lord. Its all in his timing and he knows what is best for us. He knows what we can handle and what we should deserve. I’m turning 28 this year and as much as getting closer to 30 is a bit scary to me, I’m not gonna be down and depressed if I’m not married or with anyone by that time. Clearly I had a lot of growing to do (Spiritually and Mentally) and I’m still learning as days go by. Isn’t that what life is? a learning process? We take whatever God gives us, we learn from it and we help others who are going through the same thing or simular thing.

I want to end this with a high note. I didn’t do a year commitment because no one wants me or I’m not lovable (Like a particular person said to me), I did this commitment to love myself and to know that the only love from God is what it’s all about.

– J

Click here to watch Andy Stanley’s Love Sex and Dating Messages

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