My goals for 2013

I can’t believe that 2012 is already over in less than two days! It just seems like yesterday I was watching the ball drop with my 3 year old and mom in our living room drinking sparkling cider and talking about how Dick Clark looked good (may he RIP). Now that 2013 is coming and so much has changed in this last year, I have thought of making a few goals and see how well I do. Here is my list:

  1. SAVE SAVE SAVE! — I’m going to save a lot more than I have. As much as I was doing pretty well, I think I can do better and i know saving in the long run is gonna be good for not only me but for my daughter.
  2. Being more Prepared — I’m not much of someone that keeps track of what I do, and I should. I don’t balance my checkbook and I don’t make a grocery list. In the past it was just easy for me to keep track with the little things and I was able to not have to write anything down. Now that more is happening and I do want to save I think being more specific on what I need and what I spend will help me in saving… also I’m gonna try and do coupons!
  3. Baby Weight — Many of you don’t know but since Madie was born I have lost 30 lbs and Ive been stuck at the weight… I need to lose at least another 30 but it has been hard. I’ve learned setting a goal small and then working on that first helps than setting the bar kind of high. Lets see how well I do!

This is just a few of the major ones that I know I really need to do and have a great 2013. I don’t want to do too much so I don’t get overwhelmed but I think setting goals for the better is good for us.

I’m showing you this just so I hope it motivates you. No matter what you need in your life or what needs to happen, try stopping for a moment and thinking about it. Make your life a little bit easier and not stress the small stuff. I think we set goals, we may have a much better idea what of a stress free life may be. I can’t say it will cure it but hey, its worth a try, right?

– J

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