Count Down

I was at a baby shower today and I was talking with my mom and a few friends on how It seems we know a lot of people who are expecting in our church. One friend said “Not me!” and than I chimed in “Me either!”; than my mom said we needed to find husbands first. I told her we are trying, or at least I will later on. My mom continued and asked me when my commitment ends and I exclaimed “February 20th!” — My mom thought it was funny how I knew that exact day…

And this is where it begins…

I started to think about that. Yes, I do know the date and maybe in the back of my mind I am counting down the days. Sometimes when my life gets out of control, I think how lucky I am not in a relationship just because Its hard to spend time with Madie. Than when those lonely days or quiet moments happen, I wish I did have a companion. I think though the world has this screwed up mind on how your life should be and sometimes I fall in the cracks with that mind set. Than I grab my bible and I start highlighting what I find. It makes me learn more and makes me think on the life I know God wants me to have. Its been an interesting experience and I know in past posts I had put I still have a lot to learn, and as my commitment is coming to a close; I’m realizing just what I needed to do and what I need to do now. I’m in a class at church, still serving and hopefully I’ll be back in a life group again to interact with others and learn more about God. I also find myself witnessing more to others who just didn’t quite understand what the bible meant or what God had in mind.

I know I need a  good Christian man, where we can have devotionals together, learn together, teach together and be wise together. This is what the Lord is preparing me to do; become the better christian i needed to be. Now I’m more excited what these 3 more months I have left have in store for me.

– J

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