Role Model

This is Wrong… and here is why:

We remember only going to school from 8 to 3, coming home and playing outside, and then having a fantastic 3 months off of school during the summer. Since we got that, we assumed our teachers did too because that is only when we saw them; but they weren’t as lucky. If a teacher literally only works until 3 and only 9 months out of the year, than they are NOT a good teacher because clearly they are not putting in the hard work on their school work; and working at the High School, I’m learning more and more just how hard and unappreciated teachers really are.

They get there way before the bell rings, and they leave way after. I see some teachers come in on the weekend just to work on their curriculum. Also, that three month vacation? Ya I’m sure they go camping and sleep in once in a while, but they are still preparing for the next school year. Basically, Teachers never stop! But its the teachers who work the hardest that the kids really remember and remember them as a role model or an adult they can count on.

Take Mrs. Taylor from my High School I work at. She is the lunch lady and also knows how to do just about everything else in the school since she has been there for so long. She knows and loves her school and she knows and loves her students. One day I was in her kitchen when a student asked how long she had been there. She explained a long time and probably be there just a little bit longer. He than explained when he talked to his sister who had graduated just 3 years before if Mrs. Taylor was there. I found this to be particularly awesome. Here is this girl who graduated High School, and she remembered the Lunch Lady! And seemed to even love her and miss her. I thought what a great role model our Lunch Lady was and just how hard she works outside of the kitchen to make the school and the students better. That woman has true dedication and many of the teachers in this world have that but are so unappreciated.

I’m writing this for not only my teachers, but my friends and family who are teachers and for me who wants to be a teacher. Its not about boring you kids with stuff you believe is not important; its about just how important we think you are to us.

– J

PS: Mrs. Taylor is not her real name. I didn’t feel right using it here. Thanks!

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