Children are a blessing

Our SignI had to write up a post on what I’m feeling this moment as my pastor and his wife meet their children for the first time in Africa.

Just last week my pastor’s wife arrived there and met them and today my pastor got to meet the kids. They are adorable! Those smiles they possessed in those photos probably can’t even express their excitement on having a mom and a dad. M&M (as we call them) already know what love truly is as my pastor and his wife held them close.

It got me thinking about my sponsor child from Kampala and thinking of when the church gets to meet M&M. Its funny because this isn’t my journey, nor am I adopting these children, but I almost feel like I am a part of it. As a church we rallied together to help my pastor and his family adopt these two children and as a church we are all excited to meet them and see them and play with them — and just enjoy helping them as they grow up to be a Godly man and woman.

As I think of my sponsor child, i wonder how she is. I have gotten letters from her mother expressing how grateful and loved they all feel for us sponsoring her so she can have the same opportunities like all the other children. I feel blessed to know this family and to help out. God is blessing me and I want to bless someone else. Its how life should be.

Than I think about all the other children who do not have a family nor do they have a pending adoption. My pastor and his wife expressed how sad it was to see the 800 children who are still in the orphanage as they look on. I know they don’t understand fully what is going on (at least some of them) but its hard to know that not all of them will experience what M&M is feeling right now.

Here is basically my advice for many of you. If you have been blessed and feel the need to do more for others, consider adoption. Whether you have kids or not yet, there is many children in this world that need good homes. Its not easy and its a very big commitment, but figure out what you can do. Even if its helping someone else who is going to adopt. I mean, I can not adopt at all right now even though I wouldn’t mind doing it in the future but I feel great to know i helped just a little bit in helping my pastor and his family adopt these two wonderful kids.

I had to express how i felt at this moment and even in my crazy rambling, I hope you understand what I’m trying to say and understand where I’m coming from. 🙂

– J

Here are some photos from the Adoption Fundraiser my Life Group did to help raise money to bring M&M home!

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