I was called “Ma’am”

You know the day when you realize you are no longer a young adult? Well at 27 I have finally figured out I am no longer one; thanks to a student who called me Ma’am. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing he said that but I realize that even at my age (which is not that old), I am considered old by the young High School students at my work. It brought me back to the time I was their age when I thought being close to 30 is an older adult and It was gonna be a while before I would get to that point. Now that I have hit my Late 20s this year, I figured just how time really flies. I can’t believe that It felt like yesterday that I graduated High School and yet it will be 10 years next year. I can’t believe I remember finding out I was pregnant and my daughter just turned 4 and is in preschool! I can’t believe that when I married in 2007, that I would be a single mom by 2012 — I can’t believe how much has changed during this time, but clearly its exactly where God wanted me to be.

As I go through the current trials in my life, I think about only one thing; just how can I make the best decisions in the name of the Lord. Than I think about my kids at school. No I’m not a teacher or part of the faculty but I feel just as important to care and love on them like the next person; and I can tell you that a good majority of the kids appreciate that I clean after them; or at least make sure they have a nice bathroom to walk into. Anyways, when I think about my kids, I think about the same question they will ask themselves and I think about what kind of decision will they make. I hope to be a figure to them and to shape them in the right direction. I won’t be alone in this; I will need all of the teachers, faculty and adults in their lives to help as well but if I can just be a speck in their lives to help them focus more on God, than I did my job. We never know why or what God has in stores for us but we just need to listen carefully and pay attention. You never know who will be looking at your actions…

– J

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