I’m officially Employed!

God has blessed me yet again. I always wondered what job he would have in store for me after waiting months on a job that never came through and looking for months on another job that I never thought would come. My journey of over a year has ended. I was hired today!

My new employer is Nampa Christian School. I will be working at the High School building as a custodian. Many of you are probably thinking, “A custodian?” — yea I thought that too at first. Cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming floors doesn’t seem like a pleasant job but when I got reading more on it, I had a good feeling about it. It was full time, I knew I was gonna be against a lot of good candidates but I knew everything is always worth a try [Everything is in the Lord’s hands]. I applied at the beginning of June and got a phone call saying they will set up an appointment in July. I didn’t receive another call so I called them and they set up an appointment for mid July. I met with the principal and he told me more of what the job entailed. I got more excited because even though it was at night, the set up of the schedule was very well planned out and I can still take my daughter to school and my mom to her doctor appointments with no problem; plus who doesn’t like having the weekend and holidays off?

He told me I would get a call on the 30th seeing if I got the job. That was the longest week of my life! But I got a call saying they wanted me to meet the Superintendent. Good sign, I made it to round 2! I met with him today and he started to explain that he asks the deep and personal questions about faith and qualities and than he relays them back to the principal and that is how they narrow down their list. I answered to the best of my ability and I even went into detail on just how I struggled with my walk with the Lord, which he appreciated. Then he decided to take me to the principal to have a talk but he was not there. His assistant however knew what to do and she handed me papers saying “Welcome aboard!” — I was shocked and excited!

I start on Monday and I can’t wait. I thanked God immediately as I left the building. I praised him, I almost cried, and I even called Air1 Radio and told the DJ there on how God has blessed me yet again! She was so stoked! Thanks Brenda!

And thanks for everyone who prayed for me and helped me when I felt discouraged. You encouraged me and I know the Lord has placed you all in my life for a reason!

– J

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