Remembering Alex on My Birthday

Its gonna be a week tomorrow that Movie Theater Massacre had occurred and everyone through out the USA and even some parts of the world are still taking a step back and still grieving over this tragedy. I write today on my 27th birthday to not show you baby pictures or how my life is not where I saw it at this age, but my dedication to someone who lost his life on his birthday last Friday. Many of you know that Alex Sullivan went to see The Dark Knight Rises on HIS 27th birthday. He tweeted “Oh man one hour till the movie and its going to be the best BIRTHDAY ever…” — it ended not being the best birthday; In fact it was the worse day of his families life. They lost their son, brother, cousin, nephew, and friend, on the day he took his first breathe 27 years ago.

Think about this for a moment, a day that his parents had joy every year since 1985, that they were blessed to have a wonderful son; whom from what I have heard from the family was an all around amazing guy, lost him on his birthday. The day he took his first breathe was the same day he took his last 27 years later. I took this especially hard because It was only 6 days away from MY 27th birthday. I couldn’t think about losing my life on my birthday and having my family deal with my loss in such a tragic way. I can’t imagine what his family must be going through and my hearts still go to all the victims families right now.

So today I’m not only celebrating my birthday with some free coupons to go Bowling with my soon to be 4 year old little girl; but I want to show everyone that I am also remembering Alex Sullivan today. Celebrate the life he lived and give him one great birthday that he wanted when he did his last tweet. I’m 27 years old today and very lucky and blessed to be alive.

God Bless Everyone,
– J

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