Remembering the Victims

As a few days have passed, the names of the 12 victims from the Movie Theater Massacre have been released.

Gordon Cowden (Age 51), Veronica Moser-Sullivan (Age 6), Alex Teves (Age 24), Micayla Medek (Age 23), Rebecca Wingo (Age 32), Jesse Childress (Age 29), Alex Sullivan (Age 27), Jessica “Redfield” Ghawi (Age 24),  John Blunk (Age 26),  Matt McQuinn (Age 27), AJ Boik (Age 18), and John Larimer (Age 27).

We must remember the victims and remember the life they led and how we should never forget what happened. They each were amazing people (and children) in their own way and left a great mark on the family and friends who loved them very much. We should be more like them on how they lived life to the fullest. God has 12 new angels and we should be forever grateful.

– J

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