Victims of the “Movie Theater” Massacre


I continue by looking at two stories of the victims of this senseless tragedy. 71 in total but 12 will never walk this earth again. Two of those 12 are Jessica Redfield, age 24, and Alex Sullivan, age 27. Let’s start with Jessica shall we…

“Redheaded Texan spitfire, people should never argue with me.” was probably the best way to describe this young woman; and it came from her own mouth (aka tweet). From what it seems she was a hard worker, a great friend and a sassy yet classy kind of girl. Someone we would all be so lucky to know in our life; and now we lost a bright start as she was killed because she wanted to see The Dark Knight Rises at midnight. She was an aspiring sports caster and a blogger. She was a passionate woman and loved what she did. SHE showed how to live the life to the fullest! But here is the big twist to this story… she almost become a victim just last month.

Last month Jessica just so happened to be in the store when another shooting occurred in Canada. She survived and from what I see, was not injured, but she could not express the feeling she felt on the “What If” of that day. I assume no one could understand unless they lived through it, but why did she survive only to die a month later in the same type of situation? It seems like a story we see in the movies or on a dramatic TV show; This person just survived 8 years of cancer JUST to be hit by a car! It seems like a waste… but what if it wasn’t?

The next story on here is of Alex Sullivan. We only knew of Alex because of his dad going to each media person there showing a photo of his son and begging anyone to tell him if anyone had seen him. Alex was a 27 year old bartender and was seeing the movie with a bunch of his co-workers for his birthday. Yes, HIS BIRTHDAY. Today, 7/20/2012 is Alex’s 27th birthday. He was born on this day and later confirmed, he died on this day. He tweeted “Oh man one hour till the movie and its going to be the best BIRTHDAY ever…” — What a simple and normal tweet to send out and by the time we got it, he was killed. His birthday was over and now the day has turned into being the day 12 people were killed because they wanted to see a highly anticipated movie; something we have done in the past!

What do these two victims have in common? Nothing. They both were just strangers, maybe even seating near each other but didn’t even give each other a second look and are now on the minds of millions of Americans because they are all over the news about their tragic end. It reminds me so much of Trayvon Martin where he was just a normal 17 year old kid and now everyone knows who he is because of how he left this world. These victims are not celebrities, they didn’t do anything miraculous or amazing, but they left this world in such a way people can’t stop talking about them.

But what if their death did mean something? Just like I wrote about why Jessica got an extra month of life. Maybe she changed one person during that month, or made an extra person smile. We never know why we are on this earth or why we have the lives we do, but everything happens for a reason. I can’t say its all God’s plan because we don’t know what God is planning and unfortunately (IMO) because of free will God can not control the evil in this world.

I even have no special connection to these victims except that I share the name of one and I’m turning 27 (in 6 days) the same month and year as another. It saddens me and i know it saddens many others. Let’s not forget these two victims, or the other 10 that died today. Let’s remember to hug or tell our loved ones how much they mean to us in case something happens; because you never know what could happen tomorrow or the next. Everyday is a precious moment that we can not take lightly. Jessica and Alex’s life shows passion, hard work and how to enjoy life; let’s be more like these two. Let’s be more like what God planned for us to be. Let’s stop living in the darkness of our worries and part of the pettiness in our lives; It’s time to make a change NOW and not let the horrible mad man who did this win. Let’s not give him any attention because he doesn’t deserve it. Let’s remember who is important; the victims.

I pray for the families and friends of the victims and my heart goes out to them during this difficult time.

– J

(Many may not agree with me on this and I may not accept your comment if its not polite. Thanks!)
(All information I have obtained from the internet and the news; if I’m incorrect, don’t correct me because It’s not my fault. Thanks!)

2 thoughts on “Victims of the “Movie Theater” Massacre

    • Jessi says:

      i didn’t want to give him anymore attention… like a friend told me today, he shouldn’t have any of it… and thank you!


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