The 4th of 2012

Another year and another great firework show. Since I was a kid I can’t remember one bad showcase. Whether it was professionals doing it from a Park or illegal ones my neighbor did down the street; it was always a great show! We did have one tradition growing up and that was going on our roof to see the fireworks that was from a park near by. Of of the main things I was upset about moving from my childhood was that I would never go on a roof again to see fireworks. It was a painful goodbye and sad to loose those childhood moments. I want to pass on tradition to my daughter but with her having two homes (This year she spent the 4th with her dad), its hard to keep on a tradition that she won’t get to do every year. Maybe I can work something out with her dad? If only it were that easy!

This year I spent the 4th with a couple from church. Good people, good friends and we had lots of fun! I got to bring my pup, Piper, along to play with their pup Lucy. They hung and chewed on some bones as we had hotdogs and brownies. Piper did better than I thought even with loud noises everywhere! But she did have fun and I realize I really need to take her out more! Poor thing doesn’t get to do much just because of where we are at and I’m always busy! I did recently get a bike and as soon as I am able to ride in a straight line I may take her along with me… but I digress.

Hope everyone had a great safe 4th!

– J

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