Close Call

It seems on Saturday, my quiet neighborhood had a rude awakening and my mom and I didn’t even notice it!

Apparently a man was pulled over by the cops and of course refused to stop. A high speed chase went underway and happened literally around the block from us. I didn’t even know it happened. On Saturday, I felt so horrible from my allergies that I didn’t hear a thing and my mom didn’t feel well and she napped all day. Of course I can’t say I am surprised by this; it may be a quiet neighborhood but it isn’t the best. A lot happens in this area that we have Police patrol the area everyday just to make sure we are safe.

After watching the news and reading the article, I didn’t realize how close the chase actually was. You can see by the map I created that the chase literally happened around where I lived. I drive these roads everyday to get to multiple places and I’m very happy I was not on the road, nor were there any kids during that time. It sucks we live in an area that isn’t the safest but clearly we are here for a reason. God provides for us whether we understand or not and as much as its hard for me to understand, I know God will take care of us no matter what.

The man has been arrested and the Cemetery is OK… you can read the full article here on the KTVB website and if you want to see the route, just click the image above!

– J

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