Job hunting ten years later

When I was 17 years old, I began job hunting for my very first job. I had no credit, I just learned to drive a car (stick shift of course) and I was excited about what the future held for me. The first interview I ever had was for a Fastaurant named Farmer Boys. And yes, I said fastaurant; which means it was a fast food and restaurant in one; I got the job. My parents were so proud that I got my first job in my first interview but unfortunately 6 months later, it didn’t work out and I quit. When I looked for my second job, I got one right away and again, things did not work out but It was easy for me to find a job rather quickly. I was young, I was inexperienced but I was willing to learn and I think that is what drew their attention and hired me. However, ten years later, its far from different.

I got hired last year to work at a kennel but because the process from building and it being a new place, not many clients means not much business and that means no work for me; I couldn’t wait. It was time to move on and find a job I can start now and provide a life for my daughter and help out my parents. After a week and applying to many places that are hiring, most of them have turned me down. I feel a bit odd and frustrated. I feel like how come its not as easy as it was back when I started to work at the age of 17. I know what you’re thinking; ECONOMY, but I feel its more than that since our unemployment in Idaho is not half bad. I think not working for four years to be a wife and mom didn’t help and since my last two jobs I lost was because of Medical issues; not many companies want to hire someone that can be a future liability even if I am a hard worker. I accomplished a dream and opened my photography business but because of so much competition, its not that easy to get work.

I have dreams, and since I will be turning 27 years old I pray to God that those dreams don’t die. I love children. I went to school to be a teacher but unfortunately because I could no longer afford school I had to drop out and I don’t have enough credits to find a job that only accept education credits. Even though having over 8 years of childcare/ministry experience, it’s just not enough. I love places like churches or a small businesses. Since I’m very tech savvy and have worked in high maintenance places before, I feel I can be a great asset to a team of a small business. I can help and I can learn more, but again, its not that easy. I love animals and would love to work in a kennel or a hospital. Having so many animals of my own and my sister being a Vet Tech when I was growing up, I’ve seen and been around more than you can’t even imagine unless you were a Vet or a Tech. It’s not pretty but I know how important animals are to a lot of people and how important they are to me. Then not having any professional experience makes it hard and I get denied really easy. Its just not fair but than again, it’s not fair to any of us who have a dream. Like a friend said, Executives are working at McDonalds just to make ends meat and even though some of this types of business’ are hiring, I’m just not one they want to hire like when I was young. Its no longer that easy and I have to accept that.

I must pray to God and have faith he will lead me to a place. Even if its a job that I particularly don’t want to work at. I must remember that its all a part of God’s plan for me; For Madie; For my family. I need to remember its not what I want but what I need; Also that it’s all a part of God’s timing. I need that encouragement and I need that support. I hope this helps you if you are in the same situation. Look up, not sideways.

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” –Philippians 4:13

– J

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