I have two daughters

No, I didn’t have a child in secret; I am still the mom of a beautiful little brown hair and brown eyed girl; but that is not exactly what I tell people.

As I watch another great family from my church go through the adoption process from the Congo, I keep thinking about how wonderful they are and how those children’s lives will be forever changed. I also keep thinking about my sponsor daughter. No, she is not legally mine, nor am I adopting her, and she has two very hard working parents (God Bless Them); but i love like if she was my own. Is that odd? Is that normal? I don’t know which is right or wrong but I think its safe to say loving on a child you are devoted to send money to make sure they are taken care of, go to school and have new clothes is a normal thing.

When we went to the Phil Wickham concert held by The Pursuit on Thursday to help build a Secondary School (High School) for the kids of Kampala, I kept thinking about my little Husina, who is so young and innocent and doesn’t know the difference on what is right or wrong and what is changing in her life and the for the lives of the kids around her. I was so excited to be a part of the evening and knowing it was all to help, especially for a child I have grown to love.

I do tell people I have a daughter, but once I get to talking with them I let them know I have a sponsor child as well. She lives far away. She does not know me, but she is loved. She is special. She is forever part of our lives.

I can’t wait when she starts to read and write to us. I know Madie will get such a great kick out of that 🙂

– J


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