Music is in Mourning

Many of us listen to different music. From Country to Rap to even Folk music; but one thing that everyone has in common is knowing who the popular ones are. Doesn’t mean you had to listen to their music but just the name you knew sounded familiar. Beastie Boys were one of them.

Over 20 years ago they were the first successful white boy rap group. Not only did they defy the genre but they took their music to a whole new level by making it entertaining, funny and with an amazing beat. The first song I remember as a kid was the song “You gotta fight for your right to Party”. I was a year old when that song came out and because of MTV, I use to love to watch the video. Even though I didn’t know what the lyrics meant (like porno mag), I still loved the beat and I always knew they were IT.

May 4th, 2012 the Music Industry and fans are in mourning, learning of Adam Yauch aka MCA‘s passing. It was barely 3 years when he told his fans that he was diagnosed with Cancer but was very optimistic of the outcome. Unfortunately our Lord had other plans. He was a fighter, he kept his spirits up and he tried his hardest to live his life to the fullest. He was 47 years old.

As news spread like wildfire, celebrities and fans were showing their love and support for Adam’s family and remaining Beastie Boys, Adam Horovitz aka AD-Rock and Michael Diamond aka Mike-D. One particular tribute that I have to admit brought a tear to my eye, was Coldplay’s tribute. They were performing at the Hollywood Bowl that night when they heard the news of Adam’s passing. They decided to show their love to the Beastie Boys by redoing the hit “You gotta fight for your right to Party”. Check it out:

MCA, you will be forever missed and thank you for entertaining us with your talents. God bless the remaining Beastie Boys and our prayers go out to them and their families.

– J

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