My Mom’s Day Rant

Mother’s Day is only 9 days away and when we think of Mother’s Day we think of flowers, breakfast in bed, candy and some type of spa or relaxation; Even eating out with family and friends. But today when I was rummaging through the newspaper, I noticed a catalog from a pretty popular store advertising “What Mom REALLY Wants” for Mother’s Day. I took a step back when I saw this:

Blenders? Mixers? Food Processors?! Even a Coffee Maker! [Which I may add I would probably want to just keep me up in the morning] but don’t all these items scream “Make it easy to take care of your family?” than about mom? I mean I know moms do a lot of the home cooking, cleaning and child chaos but would you really give a gift to your mom, sister or friend something that represents something they do everyday? It could make it easier for them and don’t get the wrong impression because I wouldn’t mind easier especially when I’m trying to cook more and healthier foods for my family; but Mother’s Day shouldn’t be gadgets to help the family, it should be about the MOM! Remember, flowers, candy, cards, breakfast in bed, spa treatments; just giving a gift card to go out and have some me time which moms, I feel, rarely get now a days. I feel moms get the shorter end of the stick because a lot are not working outside the home or in this society its just our duty to take care of everything within the home. In the bible it does state would should do that and we should let the husband be the bread winner but in this day and age, time has changed and too much has happened where moms are not only bringing in the bread and butter [Also because there is a lot of Single Moms out there too] but are taking care of the home on top of that. Its hard, but it has to be done and I think for Mother’s Day we should all have a break! A day off! Give moms something to do other than their normal day in the life. Make it exciting! Really show them that you appreciate them for all that they do. Its very important to show someone you love and care for. And I wish more stores pimped better products for Mother’s Day than assuming we just need more gadgets in the kitchen. Next time store I will not name, show some jewelry or your clothes… i wouldn’t mind something new!

Also, if my rant didn’t help you change your mind; remember Father’s Day is just around the corner and I don’t see Dad using his brand new Golf Bag to hold the baby diapers and food! #JustSayin 😉

– J



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