My new “daughter”

Sunday was a big day for me; I made a big commitment that not only will change Madie and I’s life, but the life of a little girl in Uganda. My church is very famous for helping others in different countries and one of the biggest they are known for is getting sponsors for children over seas. These children can have both parents or none, but they all suffer from not having a meal to eat and lack of funds to go to school. I’ve seen over the last two years that I’ve been attending the Pursuit, children who needed sponsors. I always thought how cool it would be to sponsor one but never gave it a second thought afterward; maybe because my life was not in good places at the time. Well last Sunday, on April 15th, that all changed. I knew about the new line of kids who needed sponsors and decided I would go by and just check them out. I Ooh’d and Aww’d at the different photos of the children, but there was one child that really got to me.

Her name was Husina and she is 3 years old. Her parents are peasant farmers but don’t make enough to feed their children or send them to school; I than put her photo down and went into church. Church started like normal; we had baptisms and communion and then the final song came on before one of our pastors came on stage. The song is called Beautiful Things and its about how everyone and everything is beautiful and important in God’s eyes. That is when I started to think about Husina. I couldn’t imagine a little girl, the same age as Madie, not having food everyday or not being able to learn her ABC’s because of just a few dollars. My chest started to hurt and I began to cry. My mom noticed and asked if I was ok; I just told her I couldn’t stop thinking about the little girl. I began to pray to God that moment on what or why I was feeling this way. Was this a sign from him? Or was this just a want that I didn’t need at the time. After the song finished, I began to dry my eyes as Pastor Barclay came on stage; that is when I knew God spoke to me. Barclay was talking about how important it is to sponsor a child and just how much it will change their lives. He began telling stories about children who are now older and how they are leaders in their church and spreading the word about God just because they were loved by their sponsor and to help them go to school and do what they love.

As church ended, I practically ran out of the sanctuary and headed straight for the table. My mom was a bit surprised that I was so eager to sponsor her when I know I have financial troubles right now, but I told her when I do get money (which is now every couple of weeks), Its just enough to send to her and I won’t be tempted to spend the money on stuff I don’t really need. I knew this was something God was telling me to do and my mom understood. What made it even more awesome is I saw two very close friends from the church with tears in their eyes and decided to sponsor a child as well. I felt connected with them at that moment that we all made this life changing moment; a moment that will be with us forever.

I want you to meet Husina! Isn’t she adorable? I’ve already gotten a birthday card for her and a photo of Madie and I to send her. Her 3rd birthday just recently passed and so I wanted to show her how much we love and care for her already. Madie is so excited and tells people its her new “sister”. I can’t wait to see Husina grow into a wonderful Godly woman and do things she wants to do. I thanked God that he gave me this opportunity and that Husina is now a part of our family!

– J

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