A little bit at a time

Remember a few posts ago I told you that I felt like I should be doing more about helping others and yet I didn’t know what? Well I think I may have found it — OR at least a start!

A great program has been created by some people at church and its all about donating to create or stop certain situations in this world. Right now we are trying to buy wells for Haiti. Now you’re thinking “That sounds nice but I don’t have the money to do it” — but that is where you are wrong! The program is called FORGO. Its about For going something that you would have done but decided not too or in some cases got something smaller and donated the difference. Its about giving when you can and know you can.

EXAMPLE: YOU HAVE $3 to SPEND! Instead of buying the $3 chicken sandwich for a snack, you will buy the $1 chicken sandwich and donate the $2 to FORGO so that money will help to build clean water for the people of Haiti.

See how awesome that is?

Now here is my story…

Everyone knows I am not the richest person in the world. I have been struggling for a while now because I haven’t started my job at the kennel and I wasn’t receiving child support like I should have, I couldn’t help out my parents and I couldn’t get the things Madie needed — It’s been a struggle.

Now right now I have made money from time to time with my photography, have received some child support and i should (I Pray to God) start my Kennel job in 3 weeks. When I do get paid, I give to the church, I help out my mom and then I’m broke again and I wait. Now when I do get to buy Dutch Bros coffee for myself and fill up my stamp card, I never use the free coffee for myself. Ever since Generosity Revolution, I have given away my free coffees to someone else as a kind gesture. Now with Forgo, I can do more!

If I bring in my own cup to Dutch Bros, I save $0.25. After buying ten coffees (or Madie’s hot cocoa which is cheaper), I get the 11th one free. Now I can donate that $2.50 that I saved to FORGO and give away my free coffee cards to another customer. It may sound small but over time it will make a big difference. The Lord doesn’t care how much you do, he just cares that you do it! Just because someone donated $10,000 doesn’t mean they are more important then the poor kid who donated $1.00. Its all about giving back. Its all about helping each other and its all about doing it in the name of our Lord.

Now like I said, I don’t have a lot of money and I do have moments of just not able to do anything at some points, but I know when I do I can save up and give back because the Lord has blessed me and I should be able to bless someone else.

I know that is what the Lord wants me to do with what the little I get and I feel great doing it!

– J

PS. A lot of times I don’t pay for my own coffee. Sometimes I may get some from my mom, or when my step-dad visits from his long trips he will buy us coffee… so I must share my Generosity Revolution with them cause I wouldn’t be able to fill up my stamp card! 😉

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