My Commitment

This wasn’t an easy decision to make. It wasn’t because I didn’t think I had to, It was because of my weakness’ trying to break me down and not do it; that is when I knew I should. Last week I told you all about what my church was talking about; Love, Sex and Dating. Listening to last week I had heard about what Men needed to do and how they can learn about how they should treat woman. This week I learned that I should do that same; It’s not that I treat men wrong, it’s that I don’t treat myself right. I’ve jumped into relationships, I’ve tried to love the wrong people and it wasn’t because I thought it was the right thing but It was because I wanted to belong; I wanted to feel loved. Going through these stages in my life and being a mom, I have grow closer with God than I have ever had. I learned that his love for me, the sacrifice Jesus made, is the best love anyone can ever give to me; Something that I wasn’t finding in the men I was with. The bible says a husband needs to love his wife like the Lord loved the church; I can’t say I had that with my previous loves and relationships but I can say I know he is out there; I just have to be patient. I need to learn to take care of myself and be closer with God instead of trying to find a way to belong. God’s love is the most important and that is all I need right now; that is all I need to love and give the best for my daughter.

So on Sunday, after service and listening to a story that I totally related too in more ways than I wanted; I prayed. I prayed to God to show me signs on if this was the right thing to do; If this was what I needed to have the great future I know the Lord wants for me. It wasn’t until today that I felt that I should commit myself to this. I should wait a year and not date nor try to be in any relationship except the one with God. Even though I’ve been divorced for almost a year and I haven’t dated nor met anyone, this is something totally different and I know it’s time to finally make the right decisions.

I come to my family and friends of my commitment. On February 20th, 2012 I shall make my commitment for a year to not date and save myself for the man the Lord has planned for me. My year will be with God. My year will learn more just how much he loves me and how much being patient and learning to wait on what he wants to give me is way more important than trying to belong to wrong crowd. This society of the world causes us to be confused and long for something that isn’t there. The only thing that is there is God and his love for all of us. I know I will have ups and downs and moments of “what ifs?” but I know I will have the support for my friends and families. I will have them encourage me and be there for me if needed. I want to thank the Pursuit for showing me just how much more I needed to change my life in order for it to be better than ever. The life that God always wanted for me! 🙂

– J

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