I feel I should do something about it

Ever think to yourself “why didn’t I think of that?” when you hear a life changing story? I know I have. I know recently at the Pursuit we had GiveBag.org there about giving a bag already prepared to a homeless person. I thought how cool this was because I’ve seen so many homeless people (especially in California) and I never had money or anything in the car to give them. I’ve tried to rush in the store, buy some food and rush out and I can say half the time they are already gone. One time I gave a man my candy bar cause It was all I had and I wished I could have done more. I can’t afford to fill bags or give money but I know I can do something to help others like the Lord has commanded us to do; but what?

I’ve dedicated my time to the church in helping others and yet I feel I should be doing more. I donate items to the shelters and Goodwills but yet I feel I should be doing more. What is God trying to tell me? Clearly I have the heart but what is it I am suppose to do?

Recently I heard on Air1 that they are helping the children over in the Middle East and are knitting little hats for the newborns. They are calling it “Cure” and I thought to myself that I could help out; but then I realized I don’t know how to knit or can’t crochet because my shoulder is so damaged I can’t use it for a long period of time (I really do miss playing video games!). Then I thought I could donate to them Madie’s old hats that was either knitted for her or I got ones that no longer fit; but is that really enough? Yea it can help I’m sure but I still feel this void that I can do more — I just don’t know what.

I pray to God today to find me my strengths and to show me what my void is. I love to do photography. I love to Video Edit. I love to play with computers and create stuff. I’m a tech girl and Proud of it; but can I help someone else with these talents? I don’t think so but than again I am not sure.

  • Maybe I can create my own “Operation Christmas Child”?
  • Maybe I can help in the Food Pantry at church since I know what it’s like to not be able to buy things?
  • Maybe I can donate my time at a school?

I have ideas but yet I dunno if that’s what I’m called to do. I may be over thinking it and causing myself to get confused and not being able to listen to God correctly. I want to help. I want to do good. I want to teach Madie what we are suppose to do in Jesus’ name. Now If I can only listen!

– J

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