At least…

This may be my last post before the new year and I’m gonna end it with an important message!

One week ago my Step-Dad’s mom (Grandma Aust is what I called her) passed away suddenly. We knew she was sick and we knew she was developing dementia but last time I talked to her in March where she sounded fine and no problems to suddenly her body just gave up and passed away in December was something we did not expect. Now, many of you know of my guilt that I carry since my other Grandma, my mother’s mom, passed away just 6 weeks after Madie was born. Yes, my grandma had severe dementia and yes, Madie was only 6 weeks old; but to know that my Grandma didn’t get to meet Madie and acknowledge her as her great-granddaughter, even if it was for 5 minutes, and we did not get to photograph the moment — it kills me inside. Now when we moved to Idaho, Madie got to meet Grandma Aust for the first time and in May 2010 we got this photo (picture on the left). Madie most likely doesn’t remember this moment and at this time Grandma Aust was beginning to have some form of dementia, but like I wanted for my other Grandma, I wanted to be able to capture the moment and show Madie as she gets older about her Great-Grandmothers; about how she got to meet Grandma Aust and how much she adored her. It seems so small and not as important but in a lot of ways it is. That is why photography is so important to me because you’re capturing a moment in time; being able to remember and express stories through those photos. Now we have a lot of strife in my family and we did not get to say goodbye to Grandma Aust, nor did we get to see her for the last 10 months, but we have at least this and this is what everyone has to remember and remember what is important.

To read my story about my other Grandma, read here.

Happy New Year!

– J

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