No idea!

It hasn’t been easy lately since I’ve been going through frustration mode the last few weeks. Knowing Madie is gonna be in California over Christmas took a big toll on me and it’s not that it’s a bad thing for her to see her family; especially one who is gravely ill, but it’s the principal that I will not have my daughter on Christmas Day. Also dealing with a long distance relationship and having my job pushed back because of permits doesn’t help.

One thing I wanted to get going while I have all this time to kill is my photography. Everyone knows that I have been wanting to become a photographer and do what I love to do, but because I moved to Idaho I lost all my chances to try and help gain exposure and experience. I had a pity party one day about how sad and frustrated I was about my photography “business” wasn’t going well and I had a couple of people tell me the same advice. THROW A CONTEST! A whoever get’s so and so referrals will get a free session… or a half off session… or something. I was greatly excited and thought it was an awesome idea, but here’s the problem; I have NO idea what kind of contest to throw.

I’ve had some ideas in my head but than I wasn’t sure it would work. Than I would have other ideas but that is because I saw someone else do it and I don’t want to be copying other people’s ideas. The mind is a very cruel game that loves to play tricks and when I think I have something in the bag, I remembered because so so told me about it. Just my luck.

I think my biggest worry is if I should do a FREE session or a HALF OFF session. I have started to charge people and I am charging very low because I am new to this but I think I’m asking for a good reasonable offer (to me at least) so I am not sure which one would be best. I always knew starting a business of photography wasn’t going to be easy and there is a lot of legal aspects around it, but I’m hoping to get my head into the game and figure this out. Holidays are here and this would be the best time to help me and help others at the same time.

Thank you for listening to my rant 🙂

– J

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