True words spoken…

A lot of you know of the struggles I go through as a Christian. I have posted it here on my blog or have vented a lot on Twitter or Facebook. Many of you know the struggles I go through as a Christian and being friends with Gays. Some accept it, some don’t. I think they believe I am pretending to like them but in truth, I love them all.

Today I came upon a post about being a Christian. It was almost like if these words were coming out of my own mouth. The feelings I have always felt and wished to express but never seemed to be able too. Now I get to share it all with you and show you all how I truly feel deep down. I even wrote a comment on this post. Please take a moment and read this amazing post and the comment I posted on there. Thank you Dan for writing such a great post!

I am a Christian, a follow of Jesus Christ and I also love twitter. Sounds weird? Well lots of my followers/friends on twitter are Gay. I have never been quiet about my believes but I also have never been disrespectful to any of my followers who are gay. I joke with them. I talk to them. I show them love and respect. Unfortunately some of them don’t show it back. They tell me I am a homophobic. They say I hate them. They put me down because I am a Christian even though I was never rude or put them down for who they are. It hurts but I try to ignore or tell them I do not hate them. Whether they believe me or not is their choice but I will always love them no matter what and talk to them when they need it. My cousin is Gay. I love her dearly. Unfortunately she married a woman who is keeping her away from her family because we are Christians. It saddens me but I will always be there for them when they need it even though they are not showing that same love back. It’s not about loving to receive it. Its about loving no matter what the consequences. Jesus paid the ultimate price for all of us and we need to show that same kind of love.

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– J

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