The End in the Beginning!

Today is the day! My 40 days of fasting and prayer is over and over 600 of us at The Pursuit are either thanking God it’s over or not realizing it’s over; like me. I woke up this morning, did my apply, fed Madie and turned on Bones. Not once did I want to go on twitter, go on the computer or anything. I spent a moment with God before anything; I feel I have accomplished something. This is why its the End in the Beginning! End of my past, beginning of a new me!

Even though I am able to go on twitter (which i hear I’m very missed over there) and I can go eat at fast food or sweets again; I just don’t have the urge to do it. Now I know once I start Satan will be all over me and tempting me to have it more than I need it but knowing I can trust in God in the littlest things I know I can do anything.

This was a very humbling experience and I say everyone needs to try it. It brings me closer to my family, it brought me closer to God and to my church and I also reconnected with friends from my past that I spend more time with now without having distractions.

Thank you to my church for letting us go through this experience and I can’t wait for today; Ignition Sunday! Where we can help out more people in need and do what we can in the name of the Lord!

I may go tweet now just so I don’t get in trouble from my friends 🙂

– J

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