Ten more days…

Only ten more days? WOW, time does fly! I can’t believe our fasting and prayer is almost over and yet I am not sure if I am the same person I am now than when I first started this. I still see I need improvement, but I didn’t think the 40 days were magic and I would fix all the issues I had; so that isn’t much of a surprise. I do note that I still struggle with certain temptations and yet others I feel I may not use as much as I did before; like twitter. I don’t think about wanting to tweet someone or go out and post about what is going on in my life. Yes, I have used facebook more but not as much as someone may think. To me facebook is a bit boring and I don’t get much done over there but I do love to connect with a lot of family and friends and so its good to have.

One thing that does not end? Is pointless drama. I fear for those who read this and put me down because it seems they do not understand the bigger picture in all of this. Yes, I may kid and say they have nothing better to do with their time, but I worry about them because it just shows they are more worried about petty things that has no meaning than focusing on stuff that does. Putting others down for what they believe in doesn’t make the situation better and doesn’t make them look better either. It just shows how much evil is in this world and like I heard recently, I worry that I’m little more than a band-aid to help those who need it; but you can’t help those who don’t want it and you can’t help those who don’t know they need it. I must leave it to the Lord because in the end, its all his will, not ours. What we want is not important, its following what the Lord wants is whats the point in everything.

As I go through the last ten days, I will continue to fight against my temptations, work better on putting God as my focus in my life and that I can be a better person and mother for it. Also follow my heart and not my head. Its a tough thing to do but being a follower of God is not suppose to be easy, it’s suppose to be amazing and all worth it in the end.

I pray for my loved ones. I love pray for those who hate me. I pray for those who need the Lord. I pray the Lord’s will be done in all of our lives and I pray the Lord uses me in his plan. God is always good, even if we don’t see it yet.

– J

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