Day 10 of Prayer and Fasting

Today is Day 10 of my fasting and prayer and all I can say is; WOW. It’s been a humbling experience so far. I have done stuff on the computer like make a video, Facebook and chat with some friends, but I notice myself not on as much anymore. I spend more time with Madie and I even hanged out with one of my friends from church. It’s amazing how much time I was wasting on twitter and such. I’m glad not only am I growing closer to God, but I’m growing as a better person and knowing I was missing out.

This prayer and fasting has also put some prespective in my life about where it should be going. I got a job and soon I will start working again, I’m growing closer to certain people and I’m looking towards the future and seeing what is best for Madie and I. I can honestly say this is the best experience I have ever been through.

As I said in my post before, I am learning things in the bible that I either did not know or did not understand. For example, Nicodemus! Yes, I have heard of him and I did learn a bit about him growing up, but I never understood his exact role in the bible. I knew they made lots of History Channel specials about him but I never saw them so I never knew what it meant. After group on Wednesday, I learned he started off as a Fan of Jesus. Not wanting to expose his love for Christ but felt he was doing ok because he believed. Later on it shows that he stepped out of the darkness and exposed his love for Jesus when he was about to be crucified. I did not know that but it shows how I act like a fan but not a follower. I am learning that being a follower and having an intimate relationship with God is what he wants and what is important. I can be the nicest person, I can obey the law, I can even donate my time on certain things; but If I do not follow Jesus in the way he wants, than it is pointless. I need to act more like a follower and less like a fan. I need to express my love for him more. Talk about him more. I’m actually getting rather excited 🙂

I’m also learning to let go of what I want and leaving it to the Lord and on what he knows what I need. It’s his will, not mine and I must learn to let go and trust in him. That has not be easy, especially on certain situations, but I know the Lord has taken care of me and I have no reason to doubt him now…

That is all I have for now! Thanks for reading and Hope everyone is doing well!

– J

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