Having some fun… with a new video!

As I go through the fasting and prayer to bring myself closer to God, I realize I don’t use my computer as much. When I was on twitter, I chatted up a storm with different people and made fan videos for Days of our Lives. Maybe a bit too much (i confess ;))

Now since I am not on that much and not tweeting, I don’t make videos that much and spend more time in reality. Now the last video I made was on Sep. 21st and I have a few videos just waiting to be made but I just don’t have the interest right now. Which is good but since I don’t get much time to myself and after I pray and read the bible, I find myself on the computer for about an hour or so; and because of that, I was able to make a new video, short but fun and I posted it yesterday. Of course it wasn’t about my favorite characters on Days, its about the ones I least like. Again, I was having fun! (I would do Bones videos if I had the clips. Making fan vids is just a fun hobby :P)

Now recently I was told that I bash actors and show hatred even though I am trying to form a closer relationship with God, even (sorta) putting down my church. I laughed a bit because even when Im not on twitter, the hate still comes and this person had to stalk on Facebook and see what I wrote on a fan page; and know my twitter name to know my personal blog… stalk much? (Just saying lol)

But to answer that young woman’s (or man or whoever) question, I think they got confused. Yes my mom and I were making fun of the characters and yet you said Actor; a specific one at that, so it seems you don’t know the difference from reality and fiction. This is why I do not watch Days of our Lives anymore; some people just take it way too far and don’t see having fun as a good thing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I respect yours, so please respect mine. If you have nothing nice or positive to say, than you will never see your comments here on my blog.

I do admit though that your comment is one of the nicest I have seen from my stalkers, so thank you!

Now, back to my story… I wanted to post the video I have finished and again, I probably won’t have another video out soon but I’ll dabble when I feel like it. I’m enjoying and learning about God and the relationship he wants us to have. I’m even learning stories that I heard about as a kid but didn’t quite understand and now I do. I will post more about my journey in the fasting and prayer in a couple of days!

Enjoy the video, have fun and don’t let stupid little things get in the way of your life. Life is too short and we shouldn’t lose focus on what really matters. 🙂

This one is for you Debbie! lol (My only nice BOPE fan)

– J

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