Day 5 of Fasting and Prayer

Hey guys!

It’s day 5 of my fasting and prayer; and so far I’m going pretty good. As you all know, I cut out Twitter, Sweets, Fast Food and Sodas. The first day I almost tweeted because It was just a habit, I am now learning that my habit is going to be reading the bible and praying before anything else. My biggest issue has been the lack of sweets and sodas. My body is in detox and I haven’t been feeling good the last couple of days; migraines and temptation. It’s now Day 5 and I feel a whole lot better. I have energy and feel very calm. It’s not only a spiritual journey that I am learning with God, but It’s showing me all the bad stuff I was putting in my body when I should have been having great stuff — JESUS!

Today is Church Day and It’s the start of our What If? Campaign. I’m quite excited about it and I’m enjoying that I am sharing the fasting and prayer experience with over 500 people from our church! Also we are doing the Not a Fan book in our small groups as well. That has been a nice punch in the gut, showing that even though I say I am a follower of God, that I’m actually probably just a Fan. That hurt. A LOT; but it’s something I need to go through, as well as everyone else. Make sure we are a follower and not just a fan.

I will update more on how I am doing and how much I am growing closer with God. Right now It’s still early and even though I feel closer, I know by the end I will have a relationship with him. Something that we all need in our life.

Love you all!

– J

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