What’s in store for me?

I have made a big commitment right now and I am doing it with many from my church. We will be fasting and praying for 40 days (Oct. 5th to Nov. 13th); and I don’t mean the no eating at all and just drinking water kind of fasting. I will be taking away the stuff in my life that I feel is keeping me away from God. The first thing that popped in my head, TWITTER! Yes, some of you know I am a TWITTER-HOLIC! I tweet on average 300 times a day and am at almost 71,000 tweets all together in just a year and nine months. Another thing I am taking away is certain foods; No sweets, no sodas, no FAST FOOD. Just writing this is hard for me lol.

I’m not only nervous about this but I am also excited. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for me during this period. I will be praying more, reading more and hopefully bringing myself closer to God. One part that I think is great to be doing at this time is the “Not a Fan” series during our Life Groups. Not a Fan is a great book to really show you if you are just a fan of Jesus or truly a follower. It will punch you in the gut (And I’ve only read the first two chapters!). I see this as a great journey…

I want to (try) blog more about my experience during the next 40 days. Let you know how I am, what I have learned and see if anything has improved.

Please pray not only for me but for everyone who is doing this at my church. The Pursuit has been a great experience in my life and I am happy to call it my church home. I have never grown more with God than I have with The Pursuit.

Wish me luck!!!

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